I was born in Krakow in 1984. But in 1988 my family decided to move to Germany. So I grew up in a little town called Öhringen in south Germany. There, I also received my first percussion lessons with Stefan Bihary at the Music School. He introduced me to classical percussion instruments as well as the drum-set and all kind of hand percussion instruments.
I had my first appearience in an orchestra with 11 years playing the glockenspiel part of George Gershwins "Rhapsody in Blue". I think it was then when I decided to become a professional musician.
As a teanager, searching for my own musicality, I decided it was time for change. Therefore, I began to work with Horst Rügner and Prof. Klaus Dreher who both had a major impact on my further personal and musical development. Working with them had expended my horizont radically.
In 2004, I finally started my studies at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart where I was taught by Prof. Klaus Dreher, Marta Klimasara, Jürgen Spitschka and Manfred Kniel. Horst Rügner remained as a dear friend and mentor.
After two very exiting years full of practicing, playing and teaching I developed a very strong passion for comtemporary classical music. I focused on this style continuing my studies at the State University of Music Nueremberg with Prof. Hermann Schwander, Roland Schmidt, Matthias Rosenbauer, Bil Molenhof and later Prof. Radek Szarek. I finished my studies in 2011 after two successful Diploma concerts in 2009 and 2010 and an additional year of postgraduate studies.
During and after my studies, I continiously worked as a percussion teacher, played in several orchestras and chamber ensambles and performed as a solo artist. Especially my work as a music teacher at the Wirtschaftschule Ansbach and my participation in the theatre group "Theater IMPULS" affected my professional life in the past couple of years.
After a very exiting four-years-stay in Trondheim, Norway, our family returned to Germany in 2018. I recently started to work again as a music teacher at the Gesamtschule Ebsdorfergrund while I am studying English (teachers degree) at the University of Marburg. I celebrated my artistic come back as a guest musician on the 2019 Christmas tour of the wonderful vocal ensemble "MiXtur".
I teach music classes in primary and secondary schools.
I work as percussion teacher and instructor in music schools or give private lessons.
I offer workshops for percussion ensembles, contemporary classical music or djembe, for children as well as adults.
I work as a freelance percussion player in orchestras, chamber ensembles, in theatre productions and as a soloist.
If you would like to have further information, if you should have any questions or for booking requests, please contact me.
agnieszka engelsdorf percussion
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Kinder sind die Inspirationsquelle.
Meine drei kleinen Mitbewohner, zum Beispiel, überraschen mich immer wieder mit ihrer Phantasie.
"Lulu und der Mond" ist von all ihren kleinen und großen Geschichten inspiriert.
Das Schreiben und noch viel mehr das Malen begleiten mich seit vielen Jahren und mit "Lulu und der Mond" hat sich ein kleiner Traum vom eigenen Buch verwirklicht.
Es ist bei allen gängigen Buchhändlern als Hardcover oder E-Book erhätlich oder direkt beim Book on Demands Verlag.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!
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Agnieszka Engelsdorf
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